Bitcoins? Why should I transact in bitcoin??

A lot of news have been peddled in opposition to bitcoins, monero, and all other didgital currencies. Apparently, most of those talks are what the peddlers hear passing-by. They’ve never really taken some time out to learn and be educated about these things; even when they have the internet at their fingertips. You also, should not be like them. You should read this through.


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital or online currency, that surfaced very late in the year 2009. And, it has since then gained truckloads of acceptance. In this article, we’re not going to discuss how much of influence it’s got, neither are we going into any of those trivialities; we’re just going to explicate why you should consider bitcoins.


First, of very many advantages of bitcoins, is that: Bitcoins possess very quick and cheap transaction. We do know, that transfer of some great grands of dollars could take some times on a seldom basis, although not always. However, bitcoins give no man no problem. With bitcoins, you can transfer any amount of money in little or no time, just with a fixed transaction fee of about 0.0005BTC. This, is very low and barely worth $2-5, unlike international wire transfer that take upto 3-5% of the funds.


Also, we’d be doing ourselves a lot of good to be truthful enough to agree that most currencies depreciates daily. This is not the case with bitcoins. Bitcoins has got a bumper increase rate, which depends on acceptance of it daily by the populace.


In January 2017, this year, 1 Bitcoins was worth $1100. As of today, 1 Bitcoins is close to $7000. Imagine leaving funds in your wallet, just to find out it’s increased yet overnight! Banks deduct money on a monthly basis either for sms alert and whatnot, this adds. Tell me, why wouldn’t I long to possess and much more, do transactions in such an awesome currency that surges up?


Finally, everything is made easier by this technology. Unlike opening account with local banks, you have to go through a lot of paper works; registering, signing, filling documents etc. With online currencies, all you need do is simply get a wallet with address, which is only generated within a twinkling of an eye. After this, you just transfer and receive money with no stress.