Customizing Your Ride


You have a car. It’s your baby, your pride and joy. It also doesn’t look all that distinct. It looks just like any other car of the same make, model, and colour. Most people are content with that. You might not be. Fortunately, you have the cash.


So, what do you spend it on to customize your car? And how do you do that without looking like the twat who has too much money on his hands?


One angle you can take is windscreen replacement. can help. You might want the glass to have more of a tint, blocking out light and reducing glare and heat. At the same time, it also offers a bit more privacy.


While you’re at it, get your windows the same type of replacement.


Windscreens and windows are just the tip of the iceberg, though. Let’s move on to something more substantial and has a bit more impact. The sound system will need to be tweaked, too. After all, if you’re going to be listening to music as you drive, you’ll want the quality to be excellent.


How you modify the audio systems will vary. Some modifications are designed to make it louder, so you can drive anywhere, and everyone within a ten block radius will know you listen to Taylor Swift. Others are more subtle, choosing to go for sound quality so fine you can identify distinct instruments.


A video display is good, especially if you have kids.


You do not want to install one at the front because that would just distract you. What you do want is to install them in the backs of the front seats, so anyone in the back row can watch a movie while spending long hours on the road. This is an excellent way to keep the kids occupied on a trip.


The detail work of the interior can also be changed, to better suit your tastes.


More than one person I know likes to change the standard car upholstery with rich leather. If you want to personalize, leather comes in some colours. I recommend picking a custom colour scheme for the inside and having the upholstery and everything else to match that look.


Be sure to have the painting done! Make sure that the new colours match your interior’s colour scheme, so the whole thing has a crisp, unified look.


Of course, if you get a custom paint job, nothing is stopping you from adding an accent here or there. Lots of people go the extra mile and have designs painted on their car exteriors. Things like their favourite characters or symbols are kind of cool to have.


Just don’t use any official logos or brand imagery. That just makes you look like a walking ad.


While you’re at it, why not some custom lighting? Some folks install brighter lights for driving in the dark. A few go a more psychedelic route, adding neon lights or glow in the dark lining for their interiors. It makes your car look like a nightclub on wheels.


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